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Low Water Pressure Throughout Home

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Job Type: Water Pressure | Job Location: Victor Ave, Inglewood, 90302
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner called us to complain about the lack of water pressure in all of their fixtures. The homeowner suspected a leak somewhere in the home, as her water bill was above average. However, the homeowner couldn’t find a leak anywhere in their home.


Our technician arrived at the house and inspected all of the fixtures. After noting down the low water pressure issue, the plumber agreed that there was likely a leak in the home. After inspecting the drywall and the home, the plumber noted that there were no obvious signs of leakage on the drywall or either area. Our plumber advised the client that he would use a listening disc to help locate the leak.


Our plumber retried a listening disc from the house and started to search the house for the leak in the home. By using the listening disc and pressing it against the drywall, the plumber was able to listen for the leak without damaging or cutting the drywall. The plumber then noted that the dripping noise was coming from behind the drywall in the upper corridor. Our technician, with the approval from the client, cut the drywall, found that there was a pinhole leak in a copper pipe, and replaced the pipe. The water pressure was soon back to normal, and our client reported a week later that it was no longer an issue.

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