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Needed Dishwasher Repair

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Job Type: Dishwasher Repair | Job Location: Santa Monica Blvd., 90069
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Customer Symptoms:

A frustrated homeowner contacted us with a claim that her dishwasher simply wasn’t getting her dishes clean. With four young children and an always-hungry husband, she was becoming increasingly frustrated with doing dishes three times to get them clean.


The customer had acknowledged that she had tried different soaps and tablets in an effort to clean her dishes, but nothing was working. The technician assessed the unit and determined that the dishwasher may not be receiving the proper amount of water.


To confirm his suspicion, the technician checked the electrical valve in the unit. This water inlet valve should open up to allow hot water into the unit when it is working properly. However, the technician found that the valve had failed, thus resulting in the lack of water to clean the cookware. The valve was old and beyond repair, so our technician was able to remove it and replace it with a new model. The homeowner already had dishes waiting to go, so the technician remained in her home to verify that the cycle would be completed properly.

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