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Needed Earthquake Valves

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Job Type: Earthquake Valves | Job Location: East Acacia Ave., 90045
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Customer Symptoms:

A customer contacted us asking if we would be able to install an earthquake valve in her residence to protect her home and property from potential gas leaks and damage.


We needed to find out what type of system the customer wanted in her home before we were able to install the valve.


Before beginning, the technician asked if the customer had wanted an excessive flow sensor which would automatically close the valve if a certain flow limit was reached or if the customer preferred a motion sensing ball that would fall off a ring and block the gas pipe to the home in the event of seismic activity. The technician shut off the gas to the home and verified that the customer was not on SoCalGas's line before he began the installation of the desired motion sensing earthquake valve. He placed the valve in between the gas meter to the home while ensuring the valve was close to the meter itself. After finishing, the technician ensured that the customer's gas was turned on and functioning properly.

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