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Needed Gas Line Repair

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Job Type: Gas Line Repair | Job Location: Lindenhurst Ave., 90048
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a customer who was smelling rotten eggs inside his home. We immediately advised him to shut off his gas valves and to avoid turning on electrical appliances, smoking or using his cell phone.


We sent a technician to his residence right away to locate the leak. While we were not sure if it was carbon monoxide or sewer gases, we still considered it an emergency call due to the nature of the situation.


After examining the home, our technician noticed that the gas lines were older pipes made out of black and wrapped steel. While these pipes are designed to last for years, the technician determined that the pipes needed to be repaired. The technician turned off the gas and removed the covers on the gas lines to expose the pipes. After detaching the gas line, the technician was able to remove the leftover gas pressure, clean the line to prevent future leaks and scuffed the surface to even out the pipe. Our technician successfully attached the new gas line and applied the epoxy to ensure that it would hold firmly in place. After completing the repair, the technician tested the lines before re-installing the covers.

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