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Needed Leak Detection

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Job Type: Leak Detection | Job Location: Rexford Dr., 90035
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Customer Symptoms:

A client called us with a hunch that something was leaking inside her home, but he was unable to locate the source.


We went to the client’s location to determine if the leak was inside or outside of the home. The technician checked the leak indicator on the water meter and verified that it was moving.


To pinpoint the location of the leak, our technician shut off the home’s water system and checked the leak indicator again. The meter was no longer moving, which led our technician to believe that the leak came from inside the home. After turning the water on and testing the toilets and sinks, the technician noticed that a faucet was dripping. He checked the washer under the handle and noticed that it was worn and needed to be replaced. The technician was able to shut off the water under the sink and remove the handle to replace the washer.

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