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Needed Sewer Repair

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Job Type: Sewer Repair | Job Location: Veteran Ave., 90034
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner contacted us with reports of a clogged sewer. Before we sent a technician to her home, she was able to tell us that she had recently purchased her home and that it was a few decades old.


Armed with this information, the technician asked the homeowner if she knew if she had clay tile pipes in her sewer system. She was not certain, but the technician explained that the roots of the trees in her yard may often be drawn to the warmth and moisture in the sewer lines; clay pipes provide a great way for roots to access the water.


After using a camera to view the pipes, the technician verified that the system was, indeed, made of clay and that the roots had been growing into the loose joints and tiny cracks that had developed over time. Fortunately, the damage had only been done in one area of the pipe, under a particularly large tree, so the technician was confident that he could cut through the roots to remove the clog. However, he suggested that the homeowner consider replacing her pipes with newer PVC or concrete pipes to prevent the situation from reoccurring in the future. The homeowner said she would consider it and contact us to schedule a future appointment.

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