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Needed Toilet Repair

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Job Type: Toilet Repair | Job Location: Rosewood Ave., 90048
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Customer Symptoms:

A client contacted us complaining of a small pool of water where the toilet meets the floor and that the floor was beginning to feel spongy.


We assumed that the client’s current toilet condition was due to a leak at the flange, and we sent a technician out to assess the situation.


Upon arrival, the technician noted a smell of sewer gas and water on the floor around the toilet. After assessing the situation, the technician determined that the leak could be due to a broken flange between the drain line and the toilet horn. The technician shut off the water to the home, removed the water line to the tank and loosened he bolts on the bottom of the toilet to remove the fixture. He quickly stuffed a rag into the drain line to prevent sewer gases from entering the home and removed the broken flange. After installing a new flange, he applied caulk, screwed the ring on and reset the toilet, ensuring that it was bolted securely to the floor. After a few test flushes, the technician verified that the issue had been corrected.

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