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New Sink Trap

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Job Type: Kitchen & Baths | Job Location: Red Hill Ave., 92605
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner called us with complaints that his kitchen sink was clogged. He believed that he would need to purchase a new drain trap for the unit, but had wanted to get a second opinion before making a call for the replacement.


The homeowner showed our technician the offending sink and, upon examination of the pipe, he noticed that the slip-nut threads were worn.


The technician explained to the homeowner that, due to corrosion of the metal and the damaged slip-nut threads, he would unfortunately need to install a new sink trap. He removed the curved pipe to allow remaining water to flow into a bucket before replacing the worn slip-nuts with new ones. He made sure that the pipe was lined up correctly before he finished by tightening the bolts that would hold the system in place. He turned the water back on and made sure that there were no leaks before filling the trap with water. He explained that the water would help to prevent sewer gases from escaping into the home.

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