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Pipe Repair

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Job Type: Pipe Repair | Job Location: Higuera St., 90232
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner contacted us with an observation that the wall next to his washing machine was wet. He was unsure whether a pipe was leaking or if it had burst due to old age as the home had been built in the early 1920s.


The technician first wanted to know if the homeowner had noticed anything else leaking or dripping of water within the residence. The homeowner mentioned that while he did not hear any dripping water in his home, the previous morning, he had noted a sulfur-like smell coming from the faucet in his laundry room.


The technician believed that the homeowner was facing a leaking pipe in the room. The homeowner, at first, requested that the technician not perform work because the pipe had not burst. However, the technician explained the importance of repairing even the smallest of leaks to prevent further damage. He was able to locate the leak in the pipe and repair it to the customer’s satisfaction.

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