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Pipe Repair & Replacement

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Job Type: Pipe Repair & Replacement | Job Location: Hubbard St., 90232
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a homeowner reporting a leaking coming from the wall in the basement.


The technician met with the homeowner to find out more about the situation and to see if he had noticed anything else such as clanging noises, water rushing or leaks elsewhere.


After discussing the homeowner’s observations, the technician believed that there was a pipe in the home that was not properly sealed. The client had not called a plumber before this incident because he had believed that a tiny hole would not have made a difference over the next week or two. However, the technician explained the importance of seeking assistance at the first sign of trouble because even small leaks can lead to extensive water damage. The technician was able to locate the leak in the pipe after using a miniature camera and replace the section of damaged pipe to ensure that water would properly flow through the system.

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