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Pipe Repair & Replacement

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Job Type: Pipe Repair & Replacement | Job Location: Colgate Ave., 90048
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a request from a homeowner who had noticed the wall above his sink was wet. He was concerned that a water pipe had burst.


The technician made an appointment with the client and surveyed his home to find out if the customer was experiencing any other symptoms. The client acknowledged that not only was his wall wet but that he had also noticed a rotten egg smell coming from his toilet from time to time. The client also mentioned that his home had been built in the 1930s.


Our technician determined that, based on the client’s observations, he was suffering from a leaking pipe. While the client believed that pipes only need to be repaired when they burst, the technician explained that even the smallest of pinhole leaks can cause extensive water damage. The technician was able to successfully locate the source of the leaks and attributed the cause to normal wear and tear due to the age of the house.

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