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Pipe Repair

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Job Type: Pipe Repair | Job Location: Stoner Ave., 90025
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Customer Symptoms:

A customer had noticed that a copper pipe in his basement was leaking. He called our professionals to schedule a repair order. He was adamant about repairing the pipe as soon as possible.


Copper pipes can corrode, leak or burst from freezing. Unfortunately, these leaks must be fixed quickly in order to prevent further damage. The technician surveyed the damage and found the leak in just a few minutes.


Luckily, the client called us immediately when he noticed the leak. Had he let the leak go longer, our technician would have had to repair a longer section of copper. In this situation, however, the leak was the size of a pinhole, and our technician only needed to remove a ¼ inch of pipe. To resolve the problem, he first shut off the water supply to the house. He was then able to cut the pipe on both ends around the leak and soldered an ordinary pipe coupling in the middle to complete the pipe.

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