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Job Type: Pools & Fountains | Job Location: Brockton Ave., 90025
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a homeowner who had recently purchased her first home with a pool. She was unsure whether bubbles in the line were normal as she had never had to maintain a pool in the past.


Our technician knew that bubbles could be indicative of any number of causes. Low water levels can cause bubbles as well as leaks in the strainer lid or pump seals.


Before the technician even began to check for leaks, he walked around the homeowner’s pool and noticed that the pool had a line around the inside, roughly 12 inches from the top, that was to indicate water level. However, the water in the pool was roughly four inches below the line. The technician believed that the skimmer was not pulling enough water into the pipe; instead, it was getting air from the level where the water should have been. After filling the pool to the proper water level, the technician determined that the return lines no longer bubbled.

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