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Job Type: Pools & Fountains | Job Location: Sunset Court, 90291
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Customer Symptoms:

A customer contacted us to report that he was noticing bubbles coming out of his return lines into the pool. He had never seen this issue before and was unsure of the cause.


We met with the client and determined that there was a leak in the filtration system. However, we had to know if this was due to low water levels or leaks in the pump seals, unions or around the strainer lid.


After surveying the situation and determining that the seals and strainer lid were functioning properly, our technician noticed that the water level of the pool was relatively low. The client’s pool had a mark around the side that indicated where the water should be; typically, the level should be at least half of the distance up the skimmer intake. If it is lower, the skimmer is more than likely sucking air into the pipe leading to the pump. We advised the client to fill the pool to the halfway mark to correct the problem.

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