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PVC Pipe Installation at Palmdale Residence

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Job Type: Pipe Repair | Job Location: Sancroft Ave., Palmdale, CA
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Customer Symptoms:

A client contacted us with a report of a leaking pipe underneath her bathroom sink in her residence near El Dorado Park. She had attempted to use a wrench to tighten the pipe as she believed it had come loose, but the pipe continued to drip water.


Before examining the client’s complaint, the technician investigated the rest of the home using a water leak detector. He needed to verify that the pipe in the bathroom sink was the only issue and that the larger pipe system did not require assessment.


Although the technician agreed that the client did the right thing in her attempts to tighten the pipes, the technician saw that the pipe had become extremely corroded over the years and that a PVC pipe may be better suited for the client’s needs. He turned off the water supply to the home, removed the corroded system and fit a PVC pipe in its place. Before leaving the residence, the technician restored water flow and tested the pipe.

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