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Job Type: Repipe & Remodel | Job Location: Van Ness Ave., 90504
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Customer Symptoms:

A business office wanted to integrate an island into their employee’s lounge for use during breaks. The space was small, so the owner called a technician to come to the property to determine whether the installation was possible.


The technician took measurements of the space and the island to verify that the unit would fit in the lounge. The technician explained that islands are traditionally used in kitchens and require routing through the floor as they do not back against a wall.


The business owner gave the technician permission to proceed, and he began by checking the pipes underneath the floor. He connected the water supply lines to the unit itself before routing them underneath the floor to attach them to the main water supply running throughout the building. He noticed that he needed to reconfigure the system so that drain water would flow out of the room without pooling or leaking under the floor. The business owner and his employees thanked the technician for his promptness and efficiency.

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