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Job Type: Repipe & Remodel | Job Location: Alpine Dr., 90210
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Customer Symptoms:

A client had recently purchased a home and had contacted us to find out if it was possible to install a sink in the kitchen island. She had high hopes of remodeling her home but felt that the kitchen was the most important place to start.


Our technician needed to survey the island, the kitchen and the layout of the home in order to determine if he could successfully install a sink where the client requested. In these instances, because an island does not sit up against a wall, the technician needed to install the mechanical elements through the floor.


The technician felt confident that he could complete the job successfully. He connected the hot and cold water supply lines and needed to reroute the drain to one side by using a standard loop vent-and-drain configuration. Beneath the floor, he was able to connect the pipes to the main water drain to ensure that the water would flow back into the system.

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