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Repiping a House

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Job Type: Repiping a House | Job Location: 5th St., 90401
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Customer Symptoms:

After purchasing a home and finding that the pipes throughout the residence were rusting, a homeowner called on us for assistance. He wanted to make sure his home was up-to-date and safe from possible water complications before moving his family in.


The homeowner wanted his entire property repiped to prevent from potential extensive and expensive water damage and other concerns that could result in an unsafe home.


The technician started the job immediately and began to repipe the home by starting to route a brand new piping system in the middle between the exterior and interior systems and moving outward to the home’s sinks, faucets and drains. However, upon working, the technician noted mold growth and commended the homeowner for calling when he did. After the technician finished repiping the home, he successfully repaired the walls where he needed to access the pipes during replacement. The customer thanked him for his promptness and his efficiency in completing the job.

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