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Repiping a House

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Job Type: Repiping a House | Job Location: Clifton Way, 90210
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Customer Symptoms:

Our company received a call from a customer who was suffering from defective galvanized pipes throughout his home. He requested that we send a technician to repipe his entire house to ensure that his property and family would be safe from leaking pipes or other subsequent water damage.


In order to completely repipe the home, we needed to bypass the existing distribution system starting at the middle point between the interior and exterior pipes and finishing at different fixtures such as faucets and sinks throughout the house.


As our technician began to work, he noticed that the old pipes had developed many pinhole leaks that were resulting in mold growth in the walls. The technician reassured the homeowner that he did the right thing by calling a plumber because if he had let the problem go much longer, he would have been faced with expensive damages. In addition to replacing the pipes, the technician also repaired the places in the drywall where he had previously accessed the system.

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