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Job Type: Sump Pumps | Job Location: Old Town Front St., 92589
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Customer Symptoms:

A client contacted us with concerns that his sump pump was malfunctioning. He wanted to make sure that the unit was working correctly before fall as he was in the process of performing his yearly plumbing inspection.


To prevent flooding and other potential water-related damages, the technician needed to perform a full check of the sump pump to determine whether or not the unit required replacement or repair.


To determine what would be causing the sump pump to fail, the technician made sure that all electrical connections were working and that the float was rising and falling accordingly with the water in the pump. However, bits of debris had fallen into the pump and could potentially be clogging the line, so the technician removed them to finish his inspection. The technician could not find anything other than the debris that would cause the sump pump to malfunction, so he informed the client of his findings and asked him to be on the lookout for foul-smelling or leaking water in the basement.

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