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Required Trenchless (Sewer Repair)

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Job Type: Trenchless (Sewer Repair) | Job Location: Glebarr Ave., 90064
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a frantic call from a business owner claiming that the sewer lines to his facility were blocked. He was petrified of the thought of a full-blown excavation of the property and couldn’t imagine the damage it would cause when potential clients came to his business for the first time.


Before beginning repair on the trenchless sewer system, the technician first needed to locate the source of the problem. By using a miniature camera and feeding it into the sewer lines, the technician noticed that tree roots had migrated into small crevices in the pipes in an attempt to seek moisture.


The technician discussed the option of replacing the sewer line, but the client was less than enthused. Our technician informed him of a trenchless pipe replacement procedure that guaranteed the same results as traditional excavation methods but without the mess. The business owner agreed to let the technician dig two points of access at either end of the system in an effort to blow apart the old line while simultaneously pulling the new pipe through the system. With this method, the technician was able to break apart the damaged line and replace it without damaging the customer’s property.

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