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Job Type: Earthquake Valves | Job Location: Bryan Ave., 92602
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner contacted us as he was searching for a professional to come to his residence and reset his earthquake valve. He was unsure what had turned the valve off, but he needed the unit to function to protect himself and his family from potentially devastating damages.


Before resetting the valve, our technician needed to make sure that the previous technician who had installed the valve did so on the homeowner’s line, not SoCalGas’s line, and that the home was safe to enter. He checked the appliances and found that the gas stove was leaking into the line and could have potentially been the cause for the shut-off.


The valve was one that detected the presence of gas, not one that would automatically turn off during seismic activity, so the technician repaired the gas line to the stove before he turned the gas on. He relit the pilot lights and reset the valve to protect the homeowner from a future instance.

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