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Residential Plumbing

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Job Type: Residential Plumbing | Job Location: Beloit Ave., 90230
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner contacted us with a report that his sump pump would not stop running. He was concerned about the wear and tear on the unit as well as his mounting electricity bill.


The technician knew that the sump pump should only be running in intervals and only turning on when it is in use. He assessed the situation and found that the stuck pump switch was stuck in the "on" position.


Our technician explained that when the water rises in the pit, the float switch moves upwards and turns the unit on when it reaches a specific level. However, the switch had gotten stuck due to vibrations of the unit. The technician noticed that the switch had begun to lean onto the edge of the pit and was causing the unit to continuously run. The technician was able to relocate the sump pump switch into its proper position and requested that the homeowner monitor the unit over the next day to ensure that the problem was fixed.

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