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Root Damage

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Job Type: Sewer Repair | Job Location: Thoroughbred St., 91701
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner had recently begun to experience poor drainage in his toilets. He claimed that the issue had been happening for a few days. He attempted to clear the drain thinking that there may have been a blockage, but was unable to bring up any debris.


We sent a technician to the residence who surveyed the property. Upon his arrival, the technician noticed that the yard consisted of numerous trees. He believed that the roots of the trees may have, over time, reached out to the moisture in the homeowner’s sewer lines.


After digging a small trench in the homeowner’s yard, the technician was able to use an inline camera to look inside the pipes. He saw that the roots of over three trees had found their way into the drain and were causing blockage in the system. He also noted that roots were beginning to intertwine within the pipe itself. While the technician was able to dig a hole close to the area of blockage to remove the roots, he suggested that the homeowner consider a sewer pipe replacement with PVC piping to help prevent the problem in the future.

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