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Rooter Services

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Job Type: Rooter Services | Job Location: Diamond St., 90277
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Customer Symptoms:

A customer contacted us after attempting to unclog a drain with store-bought chemicals and a plunger. She had tried to fix the problem herself, but she admitted to us that she had no idea what was causing the issue as it was working earlier that day.


The customer informed the technician that her son had been using the toilet as a racetrack for his toy car. The technician had a feeling that the car had fallen into the pipe and was causing the backup.


Using a plumbing auger, the technician inserted the snake into the pipe and turned the crank to allow the hook to wedge itself behind the toy. After three tries, the technician was able to unclog the pipe and bring up the boy’s toy car that had been blocking the system. The technician reminded the customer about the importance of using proper tools and unclogging equipment to avoid causing further damage to her fixtures in the future.

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