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Rooter Services

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Job Type: Rooter Services | Job Location: Venice Place North, 90291
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Customer Symptoms:

A client was experiencing a clogged drain. After three and a half hours of attempting to unclog it using liquids and a plunger, the client turned to us for help. She had said that only she and one other family member had been home that morning and that the drain seemed to have been working fine earlier.


Our technician arrived at the home and noticed that the client had a young daughter about two years of age. The technician asked the client if the daughter had been playing around the toilet or if she had dropped anything in it. The client began to say no but her daughter nodded her head.


After speaking with the family, the technician determined that a toy had become lodged in the drain pipe. He used special auger equipment to unclog the toilet and free a small plastic toy dog that had become wedged in the system. The client was happy that her toilet could now flush and once the item had been cleaned, her daughter was happy to have her toy dog back.

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