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S-Trap Causing Sewage Smell

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Job Type: Laundry Room Sink | Job Location: McKinley Ave, Los Angeles, 90001
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner called to complain about a bad sewage smell coming from the laundry room. The homeowner told us that they recently purchased a new dryer and washer and that it must be something from the plumbing end.


Our technician went to the site and quickly realized what the problem was after inspecting the laundry room. It was an older house and had an S-trap in the laundry room sink drain, causing the bad sewage smell.


We told the homeowner that the S-trap was most likely the reason for the bad sewage smell that they were experiencing. In addition to the problem, it is now a code violation in the area. The S-trap created a negative pressure and sucked the water from the trap, allowing the sewage smell to move upwards into the home. The homeowner was comfortable with us replacing the S-trap with a new P-trap. We installed the new fixture, and the homeowner contacted us a few days later to report that the smell was gone.

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