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Sewer Repair

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Job Type: Sewer Repair | Job Location: Greenfield Ave., 90064
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Customer Symptoms:

A customer had noticed that his drainage system began to slow down. He reportedly heard a gurgling sound when he went to use the toilet prior to his phone call.


The technician confirmed that the sewer line was clogged due to tree roots in his yard. The roots, attracted to moisture escaping in the surrounding soil, began to grow toward cracks and other small openings in the pipe. Once the roots made their way in, they began to clog the pipe in search of more water.


Our technician was able to use a video sewer inspection tool to determine if a repair was necessary. This allowed him to locate the source of the problem without needing to dig random holes into the ground just to find the clog. By using this equipment, the technician was able to quickly locate and repair the pipe without a major excavation. The client was impressed with the miniature camera and with the technician’s ability to accurately find the clog.

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