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Job Type: Showers & Tubs | Job Location: Sunset Ave., 90291
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner called us to report that her shower drain had become clogged. She did not have any tools or equipment to clear the clog and contacted us for assistance.


Before we arrived at her location, we made sure to inform her of the dangers of harsh chemical cleaners. The technician met with the homeowner and determined that the best method of clearing the drain would be by way of a drain snake.


The technician removed the grate on top of the shower drain and removed hair that had been clinging to the cover. He ran a power top snake into the drain and held the cable close to prevent kinking. Moving slowly, the technician was able to make it past the trap and moved into the drain a little farther before pulling the snake out. Before replacing the shower grate, the technician ran the shower to make sure that the water was draining properly. Once he was satisfied that the drain was clear, he replaced the shower grate before leaving the residence.

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