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Job Type: Showers & Tubs | Job Location: Brighton Way, 90210
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner contacted us with a request to determine why his bathtub faucet knob was backwards in a home he had recently purchased.


We set up an appointment with the homeowner to investigate why the pipes were not providing the correct water temperatures. The customer reported that the hot water side provided cold water and the cold water side allowed for hot water. Before beginning, our professional explained to the homeowner that the two most common causes of this issue is that the pipes are often switched behind the wall or the cartridge is out of alignment.


We examined the situation and determined that the single-handle tub faucet was a cartridge type. Our technician turned off the main water supply and removed the screw that held the handle in place. He pulled the cartridge out and rotated it 180 degrees from its original position and put it back in place until it was snug. He finished by reattaching the screw and turned the main water line back on. He remained for a few minutes to ensure that the faucet was providing the correct water temperature.

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