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Sink Repair

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Job Type: Sink Repair | Job Location: Lucille Ave., 90066
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a customer who was worried about her kitchen sink. She had noticed that her drain was clogged and that when she ran water, it would not go entirely down the drain.


Our technician noted that the homeowner did not have a garbage disposer installed in her sink drain, and he assumed that the cause of the clog was most likely due to large food scraps falling into the pipe.


The customer informed the technician that she had not used any chemical cleaners in the drain prior to calling us. The technician first attempted to use a plunger in the sink to break up the pressure, but was unable to eradicate the clog. He then removed the trap underneath the sink and cleared the area of food and debris and then used a drain cleaning auger to reach into the pipe and clear any last remnants. He ran the water and ensured that it flowed into the sink and down the pipes properly before leaving the property.

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