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Sink Repair

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Job Type: Sink Repair | Job Location: Midvale Ave., 90064
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Customer Symptoms:

A client called to report that she had attempted to fix a clog in her sink earlier that morning but had not succeeded. She was tired of wasting time trying to attempt the job herself so she contacted our professionals for assistance.


Once our technician arrived at the client’s home, he asked the client if she had dropped anything that may have clogged the drain. She proceeded to tell him that her five-year-old daughter had accidentally dropped a rock she had found outside into the drain that could be causing the clog.


Our technician looked into the cabinet under the sink to determine that the pipe was curved. Before he made extensive repairs, he shut off the water to the sink and detached the pipe at the curve, believing the rock had settled in the flat part. The customer was thrilled when the technician handed her the rock and explained that she was lucky that the drain cleaner she was using did not wash the rock further into the pipe.

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