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Sprinkler Installation

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Job Type: Sprinkler Installation | Job Location: Blythe Ave., 90064
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a homeowner who was in the process of remodeling his yard and garden and wanted to install a sprinkler system to improve the landscaping.


We requested that a utility company come to the homeowner’s residence so that we knew where the cables were routed in his yard to avoid digging into them. Our technician sat down with the homeowner and reviewed his plans for the property to design a sprinkler system layout.


Once the technician had a map that would allow the sprinklers to cover the yard, he installed an anti-siphon valve into the main water line. He used a trenching device to dig into the yard and attach the valve manifold to the home’s water supply. He laid the pipe into the trench after connecting the open valve to a new PVC pipe and placed sprinkler heads according to the predetermined layout. To regulate the time and frequency of the sprinkler system, he installed a main controller and attached it to the home’s water supply.

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