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Sprinkler Installation

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Job Type: Sprinkler Installation | Job Location: Cordova Court, 90291
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner called us to verify that we provided sprinkler installation services in a home she had recently purchased. She was excited about finally owning her own property and wanted to add a sprinkler system to help her maintain her property.


We confirmed that we had the tools and skills to provide this service, but we first needed a utility company to come and mark where the cables were buried in her yard. Before we began, we had to plot the route of the sprinkler system so that every inch of her yard would be covered.


After developing a plan, our technician was able to connect the irrigation system by tapping into the main water line and installing an anti-siphon valve. The technician was then able to dig a trench using a trenching device and installed the valve manifold in the ground, attaching one end to the main water supply. He connected a PVC pipe to the open valve, laid the pipe in the trench, installed the sprinkler heads based on the customer’s needs and filled in the holes. Finally, he was able to successfully install the controller and attach it to the main water line to regulate the frequency and length of waterings.

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