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Sprinkler Repair

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Job Type: Sprinkler Repair | Job Location: Seabluff Dr., 90094
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner contacted us explaining that her sprinkler system was acting irregularly and not spraying water in the right direction.


With the homeowner’s claim of poor sprinkler pressure and water direction, the technician believed that the sprinkler heads could be clogged. The technician found that a few units had cracked and broken casings that were causing the water to spray wildly.


Before resolving the problem, we made sure that the client understood that the problem was not the direct result of anything she did. Rather, over time, the plastic heads can become worn due to weather, lawn mowers and especially if used fairly regularly over the course of a few years. The technician dug a ditch around the sprinkler heads and used a wrench to remove them. He attached brand new sprinkler heads and tested the system before filling the hole back up with dirt. The homeowner described her sprinkler pattern so that the technician could set the system the way she preferred it before he left her residence.

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