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Sprinkler Repair

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Job Type: Sprinkler Repair | Job Location: Daniels Dr., 90035
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Customer Symptoms:

A business owner had contacted us with concerns that his current sprinkler system was not functioning properly. The sprinkler heads would spray water wildly at some times or they would not work at all.


He claimed that the sprinkler heads were not directing water correctly and that they appeared to be clogged. We examined the heads and looked for broken and cracked plastic casing to verify that we needed to replace them. We explained to the customer that over time, the heads can become worn due to constant use, weather elements and careless lawn mowers.


Our technician was able to turn off the water system and dig a three-foot diameter ditch around the sprinkler heads. He removed the sprinkler head from the riser using a wrench. The technician attached a new sprinkler head by screwing it back onto the riser. Before he filled the hole, he turned the water supply on to test the system and set the sprinkler pattern to the customer’s needs.

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