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Sprinkler System Maintenance

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Job Type: Sprinklers | Job Location: Highgrove Ave, Torrance, 90505
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner contacted us to report that he accidentally hit a garden sprinkler pipe while digging in his garden bed. The homeowner tried to tape the hole he had made, but the leak was persistent, and the water pressure was greatly reduced across the sprinkler system.


Our technician arrived at the home and took a look at the garden sprinkler system. The hole was still open, and the damaged sprinkler pipe was clearly visible. The technician turned on the system to check for any other leaks in the area and confirmed that the damaged pipe would have to be replaced.


After letting the homeowner know, the technician used a trowel to dig up and expose more sections of the piping in order to fit in the slip coupling. He then sawed off about 10cm of the pipe and placed a band clamp on each end of the piping system. He then inserted the slip coupling and secured the clamps to put the pipe in place. The technician also put a magnetic warning tape above the area to prevent someone from hitting the sprinkler pipe again. The homeowner turned the system back on, and water pressure was back to normal.

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