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Sump Pump Installation

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Job Type: Sump Pump Installation | Job Location: Monument St., 90272
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Customer Symptoms:

A new homeowner called our technicians to find out if our services included sump pump installations. She recently moved into a home with her family and noticed that her basement would flood periodically. Her husband suggested that the sump pump may need to be replaced.


The technician wanted to make sure that the sump pump did need to be replaced before charging the homeowner for extra work and that the unit didn’t require a simple repair instead.


The technician marked an area away from where the utility, water and sewer lines led and made sure that the sump pump would go at the lowest part of the room to help with drainage. After digging a hole and placing a liner into it, he was able to attach the new sump pump to the discharge pipe. Before leaving the residence, he made sure that the float valve was working properly and that the unit was protected from unnecessary leaking.

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