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Sump Pump Installation

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Job Type: Sump Pump Installation | Job Location: Cushdon Ave., 90064
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a client requesting that our technicians install a sump pump in her home. She had been experiencing a leaking basement and had a feeling that the old sump pump was to blame.


We verified that the sump pump did, in fact, need to be replaced. The client was more than willing to allow us to complete the task because she did not want to have any more water leaking into her basement as she was making plans to furnish it.


Our technician determined where the utility, sewer and water lines were and designated a spot away from this area at the lowest point of the basement. The technician dug a whole to the manufacturer’s recommended depth and put the liner into the hole. He then filled the hole with gravel and attached the discharge pipe to the sump pump. He finished the job by caulking to guard against leaking and adjusting the float valve on the sump pump.

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