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Sump Pump Issues

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Job Type: Sump Pumps | Job Location: Hughes Ave., 90034
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a homeowner who was concerned about the condition of his sump pump. Due to the thawing from the cooler winter weather and the increase of rain and saturation, he felt that he may need to replace his sump pump.


Our technician needed to ensure that the sump pump was functioning properly to prevent the customer’s basement from flooding.


The technician first checked the electrical connections to ensure they were working properly and that the pump was plugged in correctly. He verified that the float was functioning by pouring water into the pit and watching the float rise with the water. The technician then noted that the pump correctly activated and shut off when the water was removed. The technician did notice loose items in the pit which he promptly discarded, and he was able to verify that the check valve was in working condition. After numerous tests, the technician was able to assure the homeowner that his sump pump was working appropriately and that it did not require replacement.

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