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Switched Connections

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Job Type: Hot Water Heater Repair | Job Location: East Pine St., 92701
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Customer Symptoms:

A landlord called us with a report that a new tenant did not have any hot water in his residence. The tenant had recently moved in just a few days prior, but the unit had been unoccupied for over four months.


The technician turned off the hot water supply to the unit and by shutting it off at the circuit breaker before checking the connections at the hot water heater. The technician checked the hot and cold water lines and noticed that they were crossed.


The landlord admitted that a plumber had serviced the hot water heater when the property was unoccupied in preparation for a new tenant and that he may have accidentally switched the connections while he was working. Fortunately, the technician was able to correct the problem and verified that the hot water and cold water lines were in their proper locations. The landlord called the tenant who confirmed that he did have hot water.

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