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Tankless Water Heater Broken

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Job Type: Hot Water Heater | Job Location: Del Amo Blvd, Torrance, 90503
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Customer Symptoms:

A customer reported that they were not getting any hot water in the home. The homeowner inspected his tankless water heater and didn’t notice any problems with it. The temperature was set at the right amount, and even after raising it, there was still no hot water in the building.


Our technician arrived on site and inspected the tankless water heater. Although the temperature parameters were set right, after turning on some of the kitchen faucets, it was clear that the burner was not working. There was no flame present when the water heater was activated.


Our technician noticed a few issues with the burner set up and quickly resolved all of them. The flame rod was loose on the burner set up and was hanging in the air. The technician was careful to turn off the burner and then fix the wire rod in place. The technician also bled all the air from the gas line as it was likely causing the issue of the burner not getting enough gas. Once these two items were completed, the gas burner ignited, and the tankless hot water heater was functional again.

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