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Tankless Water Heaters

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Job Type: Tankless Water Heaters | Job Location: Highland Ave., 90405
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Customer Symptoms:

A restaurant owner contacted us and said that he was not having hot water when his staff had tried to wash their hands.


The technician first needed to determine if the client did have hot water that just wasn’t as hot as it had been or if there really was no hot water at all. Our technician checked to make sure that the standby light was on at that the red lights worked as water flowed.


By ensuring that the standby light was on, the technician was able to verify that the unit had power. However, the red lights were not working as the owner tried to use the hot water. The technician needed to determine that there was 220 volts at the junction box attached to the water heater and that the connections were working properly. After discussing the situation with the owner, he admitted that the tankless water heater was over 10 years old and had never been properly maintained.

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