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The Dinosaur in the Disposal

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Job Type: Garbage Disposal Repair | Job Location: Anrol Ave., 92123
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a homeowner who said that his garbage disposal had suddenly stopped working and was producing a grinding noise.


Before considering a garbage disposal replacement, the technician made sure that the unit was plugged in and was receiving electricity by checking the circuit breaker. After pushing the reset button, the unit was still not working.


The technician determined that there may be an object stuck in the unit so he turned off the power supply. He fished around in the garbage disposal and produced a small plastic dinosaur that the homeowner’s son must have tossed into the sink. After removing what was left of the toy, the technician restored power and checked to make sure that the garbage disposal was no longer grinding. He ran water into the sink, tossed some food particles into the unit and turned it on. The homeowner thanked him for his quickness in determining a potential cause for the problem and for being able to fix it so quickly.

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