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Tightening the Washers vs. A New Sink

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Job Type: Faucets & Sinks | Job Location: Telegraph Rd., 93004
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Customer Symptoms:

A distressed homeowner contacted us complaining of a leaking sink. He said that the problem had been ongoing, and he had tried to tighten washers in an attempt to fix it.


While the homeowner considered himself a handyman around the house, the technician was dispatched to assess the situation. After checking to ensure the washer seat was clear of debris and that the fixture was tightly mounted to the sink, the technician discussed a full faucet replacement.


The homeowner did not want to lose any more money on excess water bills so he agreed to a replacement. The technician turned off the water supply to the home, unbolted the current faucet from the sink and set it to the side. He removed any remaining caulk before setting the new faucet on top of the base. Before applying new caulk, he made sure that the spray hose would line up in the new faucet. It was a tight fit, and the technician had to tweak the fixture so that the hose would be in sync. He then tightened the nuts to ensure that the new faucet was securely mounted on the sink. After reconnecting the water lines and turning the water on in the home, he tested the unit to make sure the installation was successful.

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