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Job Type: Tankless Water Heater Installation | Job Location: Sunburst Pl., 91358
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Customer Symptoms:

A customer called us to find out if our services included tankless water heater installation. She had recently been told by another plumbing company that her old water heater was broken and needed to be replaced.


Rather than replace her current model with a traditional water heater, the customer wanted a tankless water heater to help conserve energy and decrease her energy bills.


After turning off the water supply and removing the customer’s old water heater, the technician was able to install a tankless unit in its place. He connected a hose to allow the unit to drain and bolted the unit into place. The technician ensured that the vent pipes and water pipes were connected and used a tool to make sure there were no gas leaks following the installation to protect the customer from potential gas-related damages. The customer was satisfied with the job and thanked our technician for being so efficient and thorough while performing the service.

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