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Toilet Repair

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Job Type: Toilet Repair | Job Location: Ashdale Ave., 90049
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Customer Symptoms:

A distressed mother contacted us after her 11-month-old daughter decided to throw her pacifier into the toilet and flush the fixture.


After speaking with the mother, the technician believed that the pacifier, due to its size and shape, could not have rolled far down into the pipe and was most likely settled into the space. Unfortunately, the mother had tried to plunge the toilet herself and flush the fixture repeatedly in an attempt to circulate more water, but she was unable to bring the pacifier up. The technician believed that it was stuck in the pipe.


Because the pacifier was relatively close to the hole in the toilet, the technician used a plumber’s auger and cranked the device while turning the hook to help scoop the pacifier up and out of the toilet. The mother was thrilled that her toilet was fixed, and the technician made sure to test the fixture three times for proper flushing and drainage before leaving the residence.

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