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Too Much Toilet Paper

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Job Type: Clogged Toilet Repair | Job Location: Ashland Ave., 93062
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Customer Symptoms:

After attempting to remove a clog from a toilet with both a plunger and store-bought drain cleaners, a customer turned to us out of frustration.


He admitted that he had had some difficulty relieving himself earlier that morning and had not realized how much toilet paper he had placed into the fixture. When he went to flush, he noticed that the toilet was clogged and he, out of embarrassment, did not want anyone to help him. Instead, he tried to use a plunger himself.


The technician explained that, while plungers do help for smaller clogs, bigger items and large amounts of toilet paper often require a special tool. The technician noticed that the toilet did flush a little bit so he knew that the clog was due to toilet paper. He wiggled a plumbing snake into the drain to help clear out the blockage. After the technician was satisfied that the paper had dissolved, he was able to flush the toilet and ensure proper water flow in the fixture.

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