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Unplugged Disposal

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Job Type: Garbage Disposers | Job Location: Via Oporto, 92658
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Customer Symptoms:

A customer contacted us with a report that his garbage disposer had suddenly stopped working.


We asked the customer if there was any humming or grinding noises when the unit was on, and the customer said that there were no sounds or indications of activity.


Although the customer said that the unit was not working at all, the technician shut off the electricity to the unit to be on the safe side. He then checked to make sure that the garbage disposer had not tripped the circuit breaker. After verifying that the connections were functioning, he noticed that the plug was loose. He pushed the plug in, turned the electricity back on and pressed the reset button to start the unit. Fortunately, the technician was able to restart the unit, and the job did not require a garbage disposer replacement. The customer thanked the technician for his thoroughness in ruling out other potential causes and for fixing the problem so quickly.

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