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Waste Trap Repair

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Job Type: Waste Trap Repair | Job Location: Ashby Ave., 90064
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a client who believed that his waste trap was not working properly. He needed our help to determine the cause of the problem and to fix the issue promptly.


We discussed the importance of having a functioning waste trap to prevent gases from entering the building through the pipe drain. We surveyed the situation to figure out if the seal was in need of repair or if the entire waste trap needed to be replaced.


The technician determined that the water seal on the waste trap was broken and that the waste trap was useless. The seal may have broken due to evaporation, momentum or air compression; the technician was not entirely sure of the direct cause. However, the technician was able to successfully replace the water seal to ensure that the waste trap was once again functioning the way it needed to in order to prevent harmful gases from entering the property.

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